7th Nov, 2020

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

United Nations Industrial Development Organizations (UNIDO) Representative in New Delhi has said that Regional Cluster concept of economic development is playing an important role in Indian success story.

UNIDO is the specialized agency of the United Nations.

170 States are Members of UNIDO as of 1 April 2019 

Mandate: To promote and accelerate Inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) in Member States.

Headquarters: Vienna, Austria.

It was established in 1966 by the UN General Assembly.


‘International ‘Satavadhanam’’ program launched virtually

The ‘International ‘Satavadhanam’’ program, launched virtually by the Vice President recently. 

He observed that ‘avadhanam’ as a literary feat has greatly contributed to the Telugu language’s glorious tradition.

The program was organized by Dr. Medasani Mohan under the auspices of Sri Krishnadevaraya Satsang in Tirupati.

Avadhānaṃ is a literary performance popular from the very ancient days in India.

It originated as a Sanskrit literary process. 

It was revived by poets in Telugu and Kannada in modern times.

It involves the partial improvisation of poems using specific themes, metres, forms, or words.


WhatsApp officially announces Ephemeral Messaging feature 

The WhatsApp app has officially announced a new feature of Ephemeral Messaging (disappearing messages) to the platform. 

It will be available to all users globally by November 2020.

Ephemeral messaging 

It is the mobile-to-mobile transmission of multimedia messages that automatically disappear from the recipient’s screen after the message has been viewed. 

The word “ephemeral” describes something that only lasts for a short period of time.

Other encrypted messaging apps like Telegram, Signal, Wire already offer such an option.

By turning on disappearing messages, users will get some more control over which chats are getting saved.

It has decided the time limit of all users is fixed at seven days.


Hazira-Ghogha Ro-Pax Ferry Service to be inaugurated

Indian Prime Minister will inaugurate the Ro-Pax terminal at Hazira and flag off Ro-Pax service between Hazira and Ghogha in Gujarat on Sunday.

Hazira-Ghogha Ro-Pax ferry service will work as a Gateway to South Gujarat and Saurashtra region. 

It will reduce the distance between Ghogha and Hazira from 370 Kilometres to 90 Kilometres.

The reduced cargo travel time will result in huge savings of fuel approximately 9000 litres per day and will lead to reduction in CO2 emission by approximately 24 million tonnes per day.

With the onset of Ferry services, the port sector, furniture and fertilizer industries in Saurashtra and Kutch region will get a big boost.


Virtual Summit between India and Italy held

A Virtual Bilateral Summit between Indian Prime Minister and Italian Prime Minister was held recently. 

The rapid growth in India-Italy relationship in recent past was appreciated.

On regional and international issues, both sides agreed to coordinate closely at multilateral fora especially G-20. 

Italy will assume the Presidency of G-20 in December 2021 followed by India in 2022. 

Together, India and Italy will be part of the G20 Troika from December 2020.

India welcomed Italy’s decision to join ISA as soon as the ratification process is completed.

15 MoUs/Agreements in various sectors such as energy, fisheries, ship building, design etc. were signed coinciding with the Summit.

Both countries are keen to firmly put behind the 2012 killing of two Indian crew members of a fishing boat off the coast of Kerala by Italian marines 

Italy is currently India’s fifth largest trading partner in the EU. 

Bilateral trade was worth 9.52 billion Euros in 2019. 

India ranks 16th as country of origin for Italian imports. 


India ranks amongst the bottom in Body Mass Index (BMI) ranking

According to a study in The Lancet, India ranks third and fifth from the bottom respectively among countries where 19-year-old girls and boys have a low Body Mass Index (BMI), 

The study provides new estimates for height and BMI trends in 2019 across 200 countries after analyzing data from 2,181 studies.

The mean BMI of 19-year-old boys is 20.1 in India, compared to a high of 29.6 in the Cook Islands and a low of 19.2 in Ethiopia. 

For Indian girls, the mean BMI is again 20.1, compared to a high of 29.0 in Tonga and a low of 19.6 in Timor-Leste.

The mean height of Indian 19-year-olds is 166.5 cm for boys and 155.2 cm for girls, well below the high of Netherlands boys (183.8 cm) and girls (170 cm).

BMI is measured as the weight in kg divided by the square of the height in meters. 

WHO guidelines define a normal BMI range as 18.5 to 24.9, overweight as 25 or higher, and obesity as 30 or higher.


Mix of X-ray and radio signals observed for the first time

NASA has observed a mix of X-ray and radio signals never observed before in the Milky Way in April 2020. 

Significantly, the flare-up it observed included the first fast radio burst (FRB) seen within the galaxy.

The source of the FRB detected is a very powerful magnetic neutron star, referred to as a magnetar, called SGR 1935+2154 or SGR 1935. 

It is located in the constellation Vulpecula. 

It is estimated to be between 14,000-41,000 light-years away.


As per NASA, a magnetar is a neutron star, the crushed, city-size remains of a star many times more massive than our Sun.

The magnetic field of such a star is very powerful, which can be over 10 trillion times stronger than a refrigerator magnet and up to a thousand times stronger than a typical neutron star’s.

Neutron stars are formed when the core of a massive star undergoes gravitational collapse when it reaches the end of its life.

Essentially, FRBs are bright bursts of radio waves whose durations lie in the millisecond-scale, because of which it is difficult to detect them and determine their position in the sky.

Radio waves can be produced by astronomical objects with changing magnetic fields.